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Welcome to SafroPars

We have been farming Saffron for over five generations, in a climate that saffron thrives the most. This is the highest quality saffron because of it’s unique flower bulbs growing in an ideal climate: the everyday full sun, the dry summers and a soil rich in organic matter. Here in Khorasan Saffron flourishes to it’s best.

Discover Our Saffron Recepies

For us persians, saffron is an essential part of our cuisine, we believe saffron is refreshing and always good for your health. Just a saffron tea can brighten my day.

Our suggested recipes

Here we have simple saffron recipes of persian regional cuisines to get you started.

My tip is to be generous with your Saffron, so not only you get the colour but you also get the flavour. Don’t mix Saffron with dominant spices so it doesn’t get covered, turmeric is a good example.


To make a good cup of tea, pick 10 threads of saffron, grind it if you can and brew it for 5 mins.

I normally make my own tea mixtures:

Saffron and cinnamon 10 threads of saffron, half a cinnamon stick and hot water enough for 2.

Saffron, cardamom and green tea 10 threads of saffron, one cardamom pod and green tea with hot water enough for 2.

Saffron mixed with any red fruit tea, add your saffron in the same cup you are adding your fruit tea bag.


Chicken with Saffron: Marinate two chicken breasts with one big onion chopped, one lime juiced, salt and pepper. Brew 20 threads of saffron in five tablespoons of hot water for 10 mins. Pour your saffron brew on the chicken and let it sit for 1 hour at least. Sometimes I let it sit for a day ! Now grill your chicken in a closed foil and enjoy the saffron flavour.

Saffron rice: Cook your rice as normal, brew 20 threads of saffron in five tablespoons of hot water for 10 mins. Melt some butter in a pan, add a cup of cooked rice to the melted butter and pour your saffron brew on the rice. Stir the rice so it’s golden and buttery. Use that to decorate the rest of your rice and enjoy the flavour!


Vanilla ice cream with Saffron: Brew 10 threads of saffron in 3 tablespoons of hot water until it cools down. Pour it on your favourite vanilla ice cream and enjoy !

Saffron sponge cake: Brew 20 threads of saffron in 5 tablespoons of hot water. Make your regular sponge cake mix, and add the saffron brew at the end. If you have some rose water, a tea spoon of it will be a great complement.

Order your Saffron

Our hand picked Saffron comes in two types of packaging, a 5 gr pack (25£ excluding shipping cost) and 10 gr pack (45 £ excluding shipping cost). If you are not a professional Saffron user, go for the 5 gr and I will teach you how to use it.

Order your Saffron:


We are a small family business, my uncle, aunt and cousins farm the saffron, my brother packages and exports it to the UK and I sell them here. We are ethical and we care about quality more than anything else.

What do we do when we aren’t Saffroning? My Uncle and Aunt are retired high school teachers, my cousin is a full time farmer and my brother is a dentist in Khorasan. I am a medical researcher here in the UK. Saffron is our passion bringing the family together for years, and now we want to share it with you.